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16 Apr
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Ministry for Solid Minerals

VISION: To make Bauchi State a global economic and financial hub through the development of sustainable energy strategy and safe exploitation of available mineral resources”

MISSION STATEMENT: Promoting and attracting investments in the energy and mineral resources sectors to enhance infrastructural and socio-economic development for wealth and job creation in the State.”


“Developing Energy and Mineral Resources for Wealth and Job Creation

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16 Apr
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Ministry of Education

Mission: To provide high-quality education accessible to all learners through the effective and efficient management of resources for the attainment of self-reliance and socio-economic development.

Goals: The Ministry of Education is set to positively influence and reshape the present educational system in the state with a view to improving capacity and performance outcomes by redirecting and optimizing resources, designing effective policies, setting timelines in order to maximize educational excellence and progressively move towards the attainment of the desired quality education standards.

Objectives: To provide enriched educational experience for students in schools through the provision of quality standards, pedagogy excellence, appropriate teaching methods or approaches, learning resources and instructional materials that are all indispensable ingredients that guarantee high-quality education leading to stimulating learning experience and excellent performance.

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16 Apr
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Ministry for Finance

The Ministry of Finance is a unique Agency that provides the financial backbone that helps government translate its vision of providing the dividends of democracy to the teeming population of Bauchi State. The Ministry is to deliver proficient financial management services towards the effective actualization of Government policies and programmes prudently and efficiently without compromising and also with transparency and accountability.

The management and control of all finances of the State Government as prescribed by the constitution of the country is the responsibility of the State Ministry of Finance.


To transform Bauchi State Office of Finance into the Model Manager for Public Finance in Africa.


To manage the state’s finances in an open transparent, accountable and efficient manner that delivers on the country’s development priorities.


  • To develop, evaluate and implement effective and enduring policies relating to financial matters and activities of the State.
  • To formulate policies and programmes that will promote the development of cottage and small scale industries in the state.
  • To promote programmes and activities that will attract Development Financial Institutions to the State and liaise with diplomatic communities on financing Bauchi State.
  • Implementing government decisions on financial policies.
  • Advising the State Government on policy directives aimed at the efficient allocation of the State’s financial resource.
  • Coordinating Federal Accounts Allocation Committee (FAAC), managing relationships with Federal Agencies like Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Commission, Debt Management Office, Central Bank of Nigeria, Federal Inland Revenue Service, Federal Road Safety Corps etc.
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16 Apr
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Ministry for Commerce

What we do:

Promotion of sustainable, commercial and industrial growth through improved business Support policies and infrastructure.

Ministry’s Mandates

  • Initiation, formulation and evaluation of policies relating to Commerce and Industry.
  • Formulation of policies and programmes for the promotion and development of cottage and small scale industries in the state.
  • Liaison with the Federal Ministry of Industry (Trade and Investment) and other relevant government agencies on Industrial development, trade promotion and facilitation in Bauchi State.
  • Promotion and development of industrial Estates, Parks, Enterprise zones including maintenance of infrastructures.
  • Liaison with relevant Industrial and Trade Groups and Associations.
  • Annual organization of Yankari Expo Trade Fair.
  • Formulation and facilitation of State Government commercial activities.
  • Supervision of Bauchi State Consumer Protection Committee.
  • Inspection and monitoring of factories and industrial concerns in the State.
  • Research and development with respect to the production of industrial project profile and business directories in the state.
  • Research and Planning of State Industrial Master Plan.
  • Supervision of Cooperative Societies.
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16 Apr
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Ministry for Housing

Who we are:

Excellent in Sustainable Infrastructure Development and Service Delivery. Providing world-class infrastructure and services through the employment of motivated personnel and leading-edge technology for the benefit of the citizens and investors.

What we do:

The Bauchi State Ministry of Works, Land Housing is charged with several statutory responsibilities among which are:

  • Construction of Highways and Rehabilitation
  • Planning & Design
  • Monitoring and Maintenance of Bauchi State Roads and Bridges
  • Provision of Engineering Infrastructure
  • Surveying and mapping the State’s internal boundaries structurally, the Ministry has undergone some changes in recent times aimed at ensuring the effective discharge of its mandate.

Ministry’s Mandate:

  • Formulation, review and implementation of Bauchi State Housing Policies.
  • Provision of Quality Housing for Bauchi State Citizenry.
  • Provision of Infrastructure in Government Housing Estates.
  • Supervision of the Maintenance of Existing Housing Estates.
  • Intervention in Real Estate Transaction Matters including Tenancy and Rent.
  • Collaboration with the Private Sector in the Provision of Housing.
  • Promotion of Artisanal Skills Development in Housing Production.
  • Facilitation of Job Creation and Economic Empowerment through the Promotion of Employment of Local Artisans.
  • Research into Use of Local Building Materials.
  • Consultancy Services on Housing matters to other Ministries, Departments and Agencies.
  • Co-ordination of Agencies involved in Housing matters.
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09 Mar
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Ministry of Health

The core Mandate of the Bauchi State Ministry of Health is to ensure a continuous improvement in the standard of living by providing affordable and quality Healthcare delivery services in the State.  The Ministry is concerned with coordinating, supervising and regulating the health sector in the State for quality delivery of services to the general public


• Strengthening of programs and initiatives for monitoring/control/elimination/ eradication of specific preventable diseases (malaria; tuberculosis; HIV/AIDS; Vaccine Preventable Diseases e.g. Measles, Tetanus, Poliomyelitis)
• Improvement of access to reproductive/sexual health services and information including Family Planning.
• Protective Health and Nutrition including food control standards.



• Development of capacity for generation and utilization of evidence-based data and information for Health Policy, Strategy and Plan Development/Implementation (Health Management Information System).
• Health manpower development (medical, nursing and allied training institutions) and planning including enhancement of human resource, administrative and financial management capacity of health and health-related professionals.



• Implementation of government policies as it relates to healthcare delivery in the State.

• Partnerships with local and international organizations like UNICEF, UNDP, WHO, SFH for successful implementation of programmes in the State.

• Maintenance of Government Hospitals and Primary Health Centres

• Control any potential outbreaks of diseases and other infectious diseases.

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09 Mar
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Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning

This Ministry is the engine room of the State because of its ability to manage finances thus leaving a positive impact on the State’s economy.  The Ministry of Finance is a unique Agency that provides the financial backbone that helps government translate its vision of providing the dividends of democracy to the teeming population of Bauchi State.

Since Local Governments are the closest to the people, effective performance of their assigned duties and responsibilities will definitely have a spillover effect on the economy of the State, and indeed, Nigeria.

The Finance Ministry then was structured into common services Personnel Management, Planning, Research and Statistics as well as Finance and Auditing Unit.


• To Transform Bauchi State Office of Finance into the Model Manager for Public Finance in Africa.

• To transform Bauchi into a self-sufficient State that promotes socio-economic welfare of the citizenry.



• Committed to Effective Financial Risk Management, and leveraging on Private Sector Participation towards Achieving the Needs and Aspirations of Government and People of Bauchi State.

• To effectively and efficiently have a total control of MDAs’ expenditure and ensure that it is in conformity with the laid down guidelines and rules.



• Formulate control policies and procedures – applicable to all points from which Government assets originate or are expended.

• Train relevant personnel in Ministries, Departments, Agencies, Revenue and Expenditure points (in every part of the State) etc on the culture of budgeting and modern budgeting techniques.

• Provide incentives to suitable partners to promote the economic development of the State.

• Set up State Investment Promotion Agency – as a one-stop shop to showcase Investment opportunities of the State.

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09 Mar
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Ministry for Local Govt Affairs

The Ministry is concerned with matters affecting local government and local government administration as well as issues relating to Local Government matters in Bauchi State.

In a determined effort to turn things around, the State Government embarked on new policies, various programmes and activities at making Bauchi State comparable to other modern cities of its kind. Since Local Governments are the closest to the people, effective performance of their assigned duties and responsibilities will definitely have a spillover effect on the economy of the State, and indeed, Nigeria.

It is noteworthy that the State has witnessed positive and radical changes in its Local Government Affairs through underlining reforms aimed at creating an accountable and more productive third-tier of government that will reduce wastages and improve service delivery at the grassroots.  These programmes have been pursued with vigour and sincerity of purpose.


• To overhaul and reposition the 20 local governments for a sustainable development in the state.



• To formulate policies for strengthening the institutional capacities of local government and ensuring they are environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive.



• Effective administration and monitoring of the 20 local Governments

• Effective control of local government funds and finances

• Effective supervision of sustainable projects in the 20 Local Government area, effective handling of all chieftain matters in Bauchi State.

• Effective property rating administration.

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09 Mar
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Bauchi State Board Internal Revenue Service (BIRS)


To become the most efficient and innovative revenue generation agency in Nigeria built on integrity, transparency, teamwork offering and prompt services to boost taxpayer’s confidence for the effective and efficient governance of Bauchi State


To be the significant driver of internally generated revenue and a credible tax administrator for Bauchi State Government that provides top quality service to its people, by helping them become responsible taxpayers, while duly applying tax laws with integrity, fairness and to render value-added services by being firm and fair, entrenching a sustainable system that will encourage massive voluntary tax compliance and improved internally generated revenue.

 What We Do

  • Assess all persons chargeable with paying tax in Bauchi State.
  • Collect, recover and pay to the designated account any revenue, tax or levy due to the State Government under this or any other enactment.
  • Enforce payment of due taxes.
  • Collaborating with the relevant ministries and agencies, review the tax regime and promote the application of tax revenues to stimulate economic activities and development.
  • To widen the State’s revenue sources and improve taxpayers’ database through continuous taxpayer enumeration exercise, enforcement and systematic revenue drive.
  • Administer the personal income Tax Decree, 1993 and any tax or levy which shall be under the care of the Board.
  • Enlighten the public on the subject of taxation.
  • Adopt measures to identify, trace, freeze, confiscate or seize the proceeds of tax fraud or evasion.
  • Adopt measures which include compliance, enforcement and regulatory actions as well as introduction and maintenance of investigative control techniques for the detection and prevention of non-compliance.
  • Collaborate and facilitate rapid exchange of scientific and technical information with relevant state agencies, or bodies on tax matters.
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09 Mar
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Ministry for Youth and Sports

The mandate of the ministry is to evolve and implement policies and programs necessary for all-round development of youths at all levels and youth development matters (citizen and leadership training, youth exchange programs, National Youth Award Schemes, National Youth Service Corps matters, National Youth Day Celebrations and others)) and encourage formation of youth clubs.

Promote sports and sports-related matters like supervision of Bauchi State Sports Council and other sporting organizations in the state and relating to National Sports Commission.

Oversee the welfare of the aged as well as partner up with voluntary organizations in various fields and also provide opportunities in encouraging traditional Sports with a view to upgrading them for competition at State level, National level and International levels.


•Provide institutional care and physical structures for development of youth and people with special needs such as juvenile delinquents, destitute and physically challenged persons and to build a dynamic multi-skilled youth adding value to self and society.



•To create an enabling environment that promotes sports development and empower youth with appropriate adequate skill, knowledge and attitudes to realize full potential for individual and society development. To project the good image of the State through grassroots sports development, youth empowerment through recreational sports and overall well-being and fitness of our citizenry.



• To inform the public on the activities/achievement of Government in terms of Sports and Youth and Social Development

• Development of Grassroots Sporting Activities and • decrease in unemployment rate amongst the youth

• Reduce Government finance commitment through Private Partnership Participation

• Improve health of the citizenry through regular exercise and conductive working environment for effective service delivery

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