Bauchi State Board Internal Revenue Service (BIRS)

Bauchi State Board Internal Revenue Service (BIRS)


To become the most efficient and innovative revenue generation agency in Nigeria built on integrity, transparency, teamwork offering and prompt services to boost taxpayer’s confidence for the effective and efficient governance of Bauchi State


To be the significant driver of internally generated revenue and a credible tax administrator for Bauchi State Government that provides top quality service to its people, by helping them become responsible taxpayers, while duly applying tax laws with integrity, fairness and to render value-added services by being firm and fair, entrenching a sustainable system that will encourage massive voluntary tax compliance and improved internally generated revenue.

 What We Do

  • Assess all persons chargeable with paying tax in Bauchi State.
  • Collect, recover and pay to the designated account any revenue, tax or levy due to the State Government under this or any other enactment.
  • Enforce payment of due taxes.
  • Collaborating with the relevant ministries and agencies, review the tax regime and promote the application of tax revenues to stimulate economic activities and development.
  • To widen the State’s revenue sources and improve taxpayers’ database through continuous taxpayer enumeration exercise, enforcement and systematic revenue drive.
  • Administer the personal income Tax Decree, 1993 and any tax or levy which shall be under the care of the Board.
  • Enlighten the public on the subject of taxation.
  • Adopt measures to identify, trace, freeze, confiscate or seize the proceeds of tax fraud or evasion.
  • Adopt measures which include compliance, enforcement and regulatory actions as well as introduction and maintenance of investigative control techniques for the detection and prevention of non-compliance.
  • Collaborate and facilitate rapid exchange of scientific and technical information with relevant state agencies, or bodies on tax matters.

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