Bauchi State Environmental Protection Agency (BASEPA)

Bauchi State Environmental Protection Agency (BASEPA)

Who are we?

The Bauchi State Environmental Protection Agency (BASEPA) is the environmental regulatory body in Bauchi State. This environmental objective is in accordance with the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Section II, 20 which states that ‘’The State shall protect and improve the environment and safeguard the water, air and land, forest and wildlife of Nigeria”


Our main thrust in BASEPA is to protect and improve the environment. We assist public and private organizations, industries, businesses and non-governmental organizations to achieve compliance by providing environment friendly solutions to varied environmental challenges and to ensure a safe, clean and an orderly environment with our eco-system. To enhance public participation, sensitize the people to imbibe the habit of keeping their environments clean, thereby promoting good health for the citizenry and reducing the cost to the government.

What we do:

The Agency documents and interprets the data of all water bodies in the State as well as the regular monitoring of the quality of underground water. Similarly, the quality of potable water from the packaged water industry is constantly under view.

We conduct studies on the air quality of the State such as air quality sampling and monitoring in designated grids and develop air quality management database for the State. The Agency also develops inventory of emissions for statutory and mobile sources and modeling or configuration of simple interactive spreadsheets in partnership with research organizations and agencies.

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