Ministry for Local Govt Affairs

Ministry for Local Govt Affairs

The Ministry is concerned with matters affecting local government and local government administration as well as issues relating to Local Government matters in Bauchi State.

In a determined effort to turn things around, the State Government embarked on new policies, various programmes and activities at making Bauchi State comparable to other modern cities of its kind. Since Local Governments are the closest to the people, effective performance of their assigned duties and responsibilities will definitely have a spillover effect on the economy of the State, and indeed, Nigeria.

It is noteworthy that the State has witnessed positive and radical changes in its Local Government Affairs through underlining reforms aimed at creating an accountable and more productive third-tier of government that will reduce wastages and improve service delivery at the grassroots.  These programmes have been pursued with vigour and sincerity of purpose.


• To overhaul and reposition the 20 local governments for a sustainable development in the state.



• To formulate policies for strengthening the institutional capacities of local government and ensuring they are environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive.



• Effective administration and monitoring of the 20 local Governments

• Effective control of local government funds and finances

• Effective supervision of sustainable projects in the 20 Local Government area, effective handling of all chieftain matters in Bauchi State.

• Effective property rating administration.

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