Ministry for Youth and Sports

Ministry for Youth and Sports

The mandate of the ministry is to evolve and implement policies and programs necessary for all-round development of youths at all levels and youth development matters (citizen and leadership training, youth exchange programs, National Youth Award Schemes, National Youth Service Corps matters, National Youth Day Celebrations and others)) and encourage formation of youth clubs.

Promote sports and sports-related matters like supervision of Bauchi State Sports Council and other sporting organizations in the state and relating to National Sports Commission.

Oversee the welfare of the aged as well as partner up with voluntary organizations in various fields and also provide opportunities in encouraging traditional Sports with a view to upgrading them for competition at State level, National level and International levels.


•Provide institutional care and physical structures for development of youth and people with special needs such as juvenile delinquents, destitute and physically challenged persons and to build a dynamic multi-skilled youth adding value to self and society.



•To create an enabling environment that promotes sports development and empower youth with appropriate adequate skill, knowledge and attitudes to realize full potential for individual and society development. To project the good image of the State through grassroots sports development, youth empowerment through recreational sports and overall well-being and fitness of our citizenry.



• To inform the public on the activities/achievement of Government in terms of Sports and Youth and Social Development

• Development of Grassroots Sporting Activities and • decrease in unemployment rate amongst the youth

• Reduce Government finance commitment through Private Partnership Participation

• Improve health of the citizenry through regular exercise and conductive working environment for effective service delivery

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