Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning

Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning

This Ministry is the engine room of the State because of its ability to manage finances thus leaving a positive impact on the State’s economy.  The Ministry of Finance is a unique Agency that provides the financial backbone that helps government translate its vision of providing the dividends of democracy to the teeming population of Bauchi State.

Since Local Governments are the closest to the people, effective performance of their assigned duties and responsibilities will definitely have a spillover effect on the economy of the State, and indeed, Nigeria.

The Finance Ministry then was structured into common services Personnel Management, Planning, Research and Statistics as well as Finance and Auditing Unit.


• To Transform Bauchi State Office of Finance into the Model Manager for Public Finance in Africa.

• To transform Bauchi into a self-sufficient State that promotes socio-economic welfare of the citizenry.



• Committed to Effective Financial Risk Management, and leveraging on Private Sector Participation towards Achieving the Needs and Aspirations of Government and People of Bauchi State.

• To effectively and efficiently have a total control of MDAs’ expenditure and ensure that it is in conformity with the laid down guidelines and rules.



• Formulate control policies and procedures – applicable to all points from which Government assets originate or are expended.

• Train relevant personnel in Ministries, Departments, Agencies, Revenue and Expenditure points (in every part of the State) etc on the culture of budgeting and modern budgeting techniques.

• Provide incentives to suitable partners to promote the economic development of the State.

• Set up State Investment Promotion Agency – as a one-stop shop to showcase Investment opportunities of the State.

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