Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health

The core Mandate of the Bauchi State Ministry of Health is to ensure a continuous improvement in the standard of living by providing affordable and quality Healthcare delivery services in the State.  The Ministry is concerned with coordinating, supervising and regulating the health sector in the State for quality delivery of services to the general public


• Strengthening of programs and initiatives for monitoring/control/elimination/ eradication of specific preventable diseases (malaria; tuberculosis; HIV/AIDS; Vaccine Preventable Diseases e.g. Measles, Tetanus, Poliomyelitis)
• Improvement of access to reproductive/sexual health services and information including Family Planning.
• Protective Health and Nutrition including food control standards.



• Development of capacity for generation and utilization of evidence-based data and information for Health Policy, Strategy and Plan Development/Implementation (Health Management Information System).
• Health manpower development (medical, nursing and allied training institutions) and planning including enhancement of human resource, administrative and financial management capacity of health and health-related professionals.



• Implementation of government policies as it relates to healthcare delivery in the State.

• Partnerships with local and international organizations like UNICEF, UNDP, WHO, SFH for successful implementation of programmes in the State.

• Maintenance of Government Hospitals and Primary Health Centres

• Control any potential outbreaks of diseases and other infectious diseases.

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