Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice provides legal advice and represents the Government in court cases, arbitration and all other disputes. To defend the three arms of Government, and protect the interest of the citizenry and the territorial integrity of our great State within the framework of the law.

The Ministry offers qualitative, speedy and competent legal service and provides Justice for all. The activities of the ministry are to defend Government Ministries, Parastatals and Extra-Ministerial Departments.


• To provide legal machinery for the prevention and control of crime; to draft Law and Legislation and advance advocacy for the maintenance of peace, order and good governance of Bauchi State.



•To serve as catalyst in the effective administration of Justice and ensuring a crime-free society for an impactful governance.



• To advice Ministries, Department and Corporations on legal issues pertaining to the day-to-day execution of their duties.

• To offer advice to law enforcement agents on whether or not to prosecute criminal cases;

• To defend all actions against the Government or any Ministry, Department or Agency of Government;

• To supervise the activities of members of the legal profession throughout the State and promote the objectives of the Nigeria Bar Association within the State.

• To supervise the operation of 1999 Constitution

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