At a Glance

The focus of many African Government has always been the development of various communities making up the state and the great effort in putting up structures and infrastructure for building

The People

Bauchi State has a total of 55 Tribal Groups in which include Hausa, Fulani, Gerawa, Sayawa, Jarawa, Bolewa, Karekare, Kanuri, Fa’awa, Butawa, Warjawa, Zulawa, and Badawa as


With a population about 5 million according to the 2006 census, Bauchi state has gone through a tremendous transformation since it was created. During the colonial era up to independence, it


The Yankari Resort and Safari is situated about 115km south-East of Bauchi Town in Alkaleri Local Government. Its attractions include a wide variety of animals

Natural Reserve

Bauchi State has several mineral deposits. They include: Gold, Cassiterite (tin ore), Columbite, Gypsum, Wolfram, Coal, Limestone, Lignite and Iron ore. However, only a few of these are as y

Services for Citizens

Obtain Driver’s License: Both the number of vehicles and the population are growing in Bauchi State and Nigeria in general. Therefore, the demand for new or prolonged dri

Services for Business

Business Registration:  Registration of all companies is handled by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) established by the companies and allied matters act 1990 (CAMA)

Services for Foreigners

Apply for Entry Visa:  Nigeria Consulates requires a visa application be completed according to strict guidelines. Make sure your documentation is accurately prepared by


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