Bauchi State Scholarship Board


Within the span of two years of the Governor Mohammed Abubakar administration, the sum of three hundred and thirty-five million, nine hundred and twenty thousand, one hundred and four naira was approved and released to the Bauchi State Scholarship Board for ICT portal maintenance, 2015 and 2016 NUBASS national conventions and elections, overseas scholarship, BEA, NCE, and JCC, local scholarship, law students’ allowances, verification of new students and other charges. A breakdown of this figure is thus:

  1. Adoption of electronic application and payment of scholarship. Considering the tedious nature of paperwork and the risk involved in travelling to all institutions and the costs involved to issue cheques to students’ scholarship beneficiaries, it was earlier reported that with modern technology all these will be eased. The Board therefore initiated and received the blessings of the state government which approved the adoption of E-scholarship payment system from 2013/2014, but experienced obstacles. The Board has however rectified the technical problems and E-scholarship payment will resume in the 2017/2018 academic session;
  2. The administration of Governor Abubakar, through the Board released and paid four hundred and fifteen thousand naira (415,000:00) to each student of the Nigerian Law School of Bauchi state origin, amounting to thirty-one million, eight hundred and five thousand naira out of the outstanding thirty-eight million, eight hundred and fifteen thousand naira (39,815,001:00) inherited from the past administration in respect of the 2013/2014 and initial payment for 2014/2015 academic sessions.
  3. As a result of economic downtown, foreign scholarship scheme has been halted by the state government since July 2016. However, because of increasing need for graduates, especially in some critical sectors where placements are not available locally, the order was suspended in 2017 and order restored in that direction. Consequently, one hundred and fifteen million, eight hundred and forty-nine thousand, six hundred and seventy-eight naira, forty-two kobo was released and paid ton foreign students.
  4. Bilateral Education Agreement is an annual programme of offering scholarship for both the undergraduate and postgraduate studies which gives the opportunity to successful candidates to study in the member countries on full scholarship as signed between Nigeria and member countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Brazil, China, Russia, Cyprus etc. Three hundred and sixty-three thousand naira was released for NATA, transportation and minor logistics of candidates from the state;
  5. The Joint Consultative Committee on Education is an avenue created by the federal ministry of Education to compile documents preparatory to the meeting of National Council on Education. The sum of three hundred and thirty-four thousand, two hundred and forty-three naira (343,250:00) was released.
  6. The sum of four million, five hundred and thirty-five thousand, seven hundred and fifty naira (4,535,750:00) was approved and released as the State government’s support towards the successful conduct of the 2015 and 2016 NUBASS national convention.
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