This is the arm of government that has the primary responsibility of interpreting and adjudicating laws of the land. The judiciary/high court tries cases or matters of interpretation between the Executive and Legislative, individual or group of people and the Government. In fact the primary role of the Judiciary is the interpretation of the law.

Due to increase in awareness of the citizenry of their rights, there has been an increase in the number of cases received by the courts. This then put more pressure on High Court judges and the Magistrates to meet up to expectation of the people of Bauchi State.


  1. From the inception of the administration of Governor Mohammed Abubakar, government has completed the construction and furnishing of new Chief Judge’s Chamber;
  2. Approval was granted and work commenced for the construction of High Court Complex phase 11. Work on this project comprises 8 court houses of international standard has reached 70% completion;
  3. Approval was also given for the renovation of the already dilapidated former High Court No 8 buildings and work is about 80% completed;
  4. Allocation of a brand new Jeep as official car as well as a brand new Hilux as pilot vehicle to the Chief Judge;
  5. Approval for the establishment of the Azare Judicial Division of the Bauchi State high Court. In this regard, construction of the official and residential accommodations to house the judicial division has reached advanced stage, while renovations of the Azare Magistrate’s court building have also commenced;
  6. 8 out of the 14 Magistrate’s courts in Bauchi metropolis are housed in rented buildings. Not pleased with the development, the governor approved the construction of a Magistrate’s Court complex that consists of 12 court houses and work is in progress;
  7. The administration had allocated official residences to 5 judges of the High Court. This is in addition to the approval for the renovation of the buildings housing former High Court No 9 and 10;
  8. In the area of staff welfare and development, the administration has approved most of the requests for seminars and workshops both within and outside the country.

It was in recognition of the numerous achievements recorded under his stewardship that he was conferred with the traditional titles of Makama Babban Bauchi, Magajin Gwani Muktar of Misau, Sarkin Bauran Katagum, Magayakin Jama’are, Marafan Ningi, Matawallen Dass by the emirs of Bauchi, Misau, Katagum, Jama’are, Ningi and Dass respectively.

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