Tunga Dutse Rock Paintings

If the Marshall Caves does not impress you then Tunga Dutse would surely impress you. The writings on this rock is more legible and covers a huge area on sandstone rock embankment that is about four metres in length and in the Dwall River.

Legible writings cover an area on the sandstone rock embankment of about 4m in length in Dwall River. The writings are legible. However, their age and meanings have not been determined.

The Tunga Dutse is a rock formation that features ageless engravings and writings that are quite legible but meaningless to all people. Researchers are still trying to decipher the age and meanings of the rock writings with a view to understanding the ancient people that dwelt in the rock, leaving their marks.

The sandstone is home to elaborate paintings, carvings and legible writings that date back to ancient settlements from hundreds of years ago. The meanings of the writings are unknown but they cover the sandstone to 4m in length at the Dwall River.

Tunga Dutse Rock Paintings Yankari Game Reserve Bauchi State

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