Water Supply

The various intervention by Government towards improvement of water supply in in the State are outlined as follows:

  • Released the sum of 23,635,122:00 for reconditioning of 3:0MVA power transformer to serve as standby (backup) to the 5:0MVA power transmitter at the main water treatment plant, procurement of chlorinators for proper and adequate disinfection of treated water at the main plant, procurement of laboratory reagents and glassware for proper water quality monitoring and surveillance, and procurement of pipes and fittings for leakages control within the distribution network;
  • Government has extensively engaged with the Jos Electricity Distribution Company on how to improve power supply to the Gubi Dam waterworks. Overall, the power supply situation has improved with attendant improvements in water production;
  • The sum of 56,343,000:00 was released for the purchase of diesel for fuelling of generating sets at different waterworks across the State;
  • The sum of 1,230,000:00 naira was released for the repairs of the power cable which removed by some vandals to power 14 boreholes at the Yola waterworks along the bank of Jama’are river which supplies water to both Jama’are and Azare towns;
  • Government approved the release of 147,412,125:00 for the purchase of water treatment chemicals for the Gubi Dam treatment plant;
  • Government approved the release of 10,778,850:00 for the immediate maintenance requirement for water schemes in Bauchi metropolis, Azare and Misau;
  • The State is being assisted by the World Bank to rehabilitate and expand the water supply scheme for Bauchi metropolis to meet existing and future demands. The World Bank is supporting the project with USD65 million. The State Government has already commenced the payment of the counterpart contributions effective from January 2016. Therefore, at the end of March 2017 the sum of 270,833,340:00 has been paid.
  • The Government approved the release of 352,500: to facilitate for the pipeline extension works along Wunti Street through Aminu Street to Ibo Quarters of Bauchi metropolis.

In its determined effort to provide safe water for domestic use and agricultural activities, the State Government has released the sum of 111.9 Million naira as Government’s counterpart cash contribution for the construction of 300 hand pump boreholes in 300 communities of Shira and Toro Local Government Areas. This has ensured the continued funding from the Department for International Development (DID). The State Government is also working assiduously in collaboration with development partners to provide safe drinking water and sanitation to people in the State. Also, as a result of sustained effort of the State Government: –

  1. An estimated 700,000 people have increased access to safe drinking water through the construction of 1,652 hand pump boreholes and 34 motorized powered schemes.
  2. About 30,000 school children have access to safe drinking water and effective sanitation in 42 schools.
  • About 1.7 Million people from over 2,000 Open Defecation Free (ODF) certified communities have increased access to sanitation and good hygiene practices.
  1. Bauchi State WASH Policy is approved and in use for implementation to provide legal framework to the WASH Sector; specifying the required institutional structures, their roles and responsibilities.
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