Wikki Warm Spring

Nigeria has a number of great watering holes but no watering hole in the country is as crystal clear and blue as the Wikki warm springs. This underrated swimming hole does not require too much but that you travel to Bauchi and it’s worth it. Swimming in the water here will make you think you’re in a tropical paradise.

The Wikki Warm Springs is one of the best features of Yankari game reserves. It is crystal-clear, disease free and naturally warm.

For many individuals, the Wikki Springs with white sand resting at the bottom is the main reason for visiting the Yankari. Flood-lit at night, it’s wonderful after a hot day’s game-viewing to relax in the warm water.

It is about 13.0 metres wide and 1.9 metres deep and daily flows 21,000,000 litres of clear, spring water into the Gaji river. The spring has a constant temperature of 31.1 °C through the year during both day and night and has been developed for recreation.

The Wikki Warm Spring can be found in the Yankari National Park, Nigeria’s most revered national park for spotting wildlife. The Wikki Warm Spring is the biggest of the four warm springs in Yankari, which have come about as a result of geothermal activity below the park.

The spring is Mother Nature’s answer to a spa with a consistent temperature of 31°C which boasts crystal clear waters and flows into a beautiful lake which is 200 meters long by 10 meters across and nearly two meters deep, making it the perfect spot for a swim.


Wikki Warm Spring
Yankari Game Reserve
Bauchi State

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